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Our eccentric technique includes numerous modalities in our style within a framework of Therapeutic Touch.



"I have been having Isarat’s signature facial now for seven or eight months. I always look forward to the appointment. He is very professional and personable. When you are on his table, you have his undivided attention. You never feel like it’s routine. He always is doing what he feels is in your best interest. The best compliment I can give him is the compliment I received from my dermatologist about my skin."

David Foerester

"I was greeted personally and given slippers upon arrival. The place is EXTREMELY CLEAN and the layout is very spacious. The table was very comfortable and all the linens and towels were fresh and soft. The room even had a private shower for me to use after my massage. I was seen by the owner himself and he paid close attention to detail. The massage was amazing! I will definitely be back whenever I am in town!”

Gregg G

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